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Welcome to P Drive School of Motoring, the only local Driving School on the Fleurieu Peninsula you will need to contact to get your licence. Based in Victor Harbor 5211, the Driving School is owned and operated by popular local instructor Gary Eves.

P Drive School of Motoring can offer:

An instructor that is authorised by the Government to offer Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A)

car3An instructor:

  • that can train you in the log book (CBT&A)
  • that can train you for the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)
  • that is fully insured and is a member of the Australian Drivers Trainers Association.
  • that is passionate about safe driving skills not only to pass your test, but to
    become safe and responsible drivers, especially on the country roads of
    the Fleurieu Peninsula

Flexible times for lessons that are taken in a 2015 Hyundai I30 auto


FREE Government Lesson now available !

Contact Gary for details.

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Learning to Drive

Gary has been teaching for over 20 years formally as a golf instructor.

P Drive offers expert log book (CBT&A) and VORT (vehicle on road test) tuition to all levels of driver and is a member of the ADTA (Australian Driver Trainers Association South Australia).

A lot of clients start their driving career with a supervised driver, this normally leads to bad habits being formed and lack of confidence. If you receive professional lessons this will enable Gary to teach all the skills required for you to become a safe and competent driver, this will also make learning enjoyable. Practise these correct techniques with a supervised driver in-between lessons to hone the skills required to pass the test.

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What our clients say

"Gary was great at helping me get over my nerves about driving. He is very friendly and highly professional and I would recommend P Drive School of Motoring" Amy

"Going out driving with my parents was not enjoyable and made us all very stressed, my mum phoned P Drive and that was the best thing she did!" Georgia

"You can tell Gary loves teaching as his lessons are always enjoyable and he encourages me to read more on my give ways and road rules in-between lessons so that I can put it into practise!" Ian



FREE Government Lesson now available !

Keys2drive is a Government funded program to promote better driving skills to reduce road accidents and fatalities on the roads.

A free 60 minute lesson is available to learners, check out the website www.keys2drive.com for more details of the program.

Enter your details on the keys2drive website to get your free lesson code and then ring Gary, your keys2drive accredited driving instructor with the code to book the lesson.

If you require more information click on the red button for my contact details and give me a ring or email.

Contact Gary for details.

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Keys2Drive Accredited Instructor.

Our Phone Number

0432 956092