What is the best method of getting my Licence?

P Drive teaches CBT&A (Log Book) or VORT (Vehicle On Road Test)

P Drive School of Motoring can teach you either method.  As an Accredited Instructor, Gary is happy to tailor the training to the individual, some driving schools are not Accredited so can only offer VORT training!

Log Book training is the easiest way to get your Licence as the training is structured and tasks can be signed off at each lesson.  VORT is a high risk end test as everything needs to be done on the day, including all the slow manoeuvres, any Road Law breaches would end in an instant fail and you would have to wait 14 days and pay again.  Log Book will usually take you a few more lessons, but that is because you cover more in the lessons like lane changing, country drives and dirt roads, so you will be a better driver! If you break a Road Law on your VORT test, two tests will cost you $450, so CBT&A actually will be cheaper!

If a client reads the log book, practises and can demonstrate the tasks in the correct order; this will enable multiple tasks to be signed off each lesson.  Another advantage of the log book is because you have showed you can do everything through the signing- off of the tasks, there are no slow manoeuvres to do on test day and the pass rate is easier than VORT.  Any road law breaches can also be re-assessed on the day of the test.  Now you know the true facts you can see the benefits of log book training over VORT.  Any questions you have send me an email or give me a call and because I do not answer the phone while doing lessons, leave me a message and I will ring you back the same day.

Lost Your Licence?

If you have been banned from driving and have got your Licence back and need to pass your test again, I would suggest you have a couple of refresher lessons that will re-cap on the main fail items that happen in a test and get your driving back to the level it should be to pass your test . This investment can save you money as a couple of lessons are cheaper than paying for 2 tests if you make a road law breach on your test.  Once you are to the standard, Gary can book your end test for you. If your licence has been taken away you will need a photo I.D on the day of your test. All clients should read all the road law rules in the drivers handbook before taking a test to avoid disappointment on the day! Once you have your licence back, knowing the road laws will help you keep on the road, you have only 4 demerit points on a provisional licence; not stopping at a stop sign will cost you three!


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